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Brain Enamel Pin added to shop

18/8/2021 2-minute read

Another new item I recently added to the shop are brain pins badges. I hope you like them. Each pin has 6 colours (red, blue, green, yellow, white, grey) and the back is very secure with two locking clutches. It would make a great gift for graduation, phd defense, or a gift for a scientist, doctor, or nurse.

I’ve also made a listing so you can purchase the brain pin and a card of your choice at the same time here.

The Pin measures 30mm x 30mm and is plated in black nickel (more of a dark grey color rather than black, see pictures). The pin is placed on a backing card, which depicts a brain specimen jar.

This beautiful pin is produced using the hard enamel process, which involves multiple stages as follows. The metal pin is stamped to our specifications and the enamel is added. Then it is baked and polished flat to be at the same level as the metal die lines. This must be done one colour at a time and so the use of 6 colours in this pin adds to the processing time and cost. After all the colours are added, the pin is electroplated and polished again to make a durable final product.

Many pins that use less secure clutches are lost when worn or spins around instead of staying upright as you initially placed it. For these reasons, I’ve placed 2 locking clutches that allow you to securely fasten the pin badge to your lapel or bag without losing it or turning upside down. You can open the locking mechanism by pulling out on the backing while moving the whole backing off of the pin.

You can see a video I made here:

The pin shown in the video has one locking clutches but yours will have two and work the same way.