Coming soon! New and improved Cards and Prints

6/12/2018 One-minute read

When I started offering cards and prints of my embroidery, I got them printed using high quality images I took using my DSLR camera. Since then, I wanted to explore alternative ways of capturing embroidery work, so that the tactile nature of the textile pieces are more faithfully reproduced in print form. During my research, I came across the Cruse fine art flat bed scanner, which is used by museums, such as the Guggenheim and the Vatican Secret Archive, because it is able to produce images far superior to those produced by photography or conventional flat bed scanners. Naturally, I wanted to try it!

Luckily, I found one in the UK, owned by Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Limited. John was kind enough to capture my work using the Cruse scanner and did a great job producing amazingly textured images of my work. You can check out their services here. I received my new cards from the printer yesterday and will be adding new photos to the shop as soon as the sun peeks through.