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Giggle Doctor Hand Puppet for Theodora Children's Charity

8/2/2017 One-minute read

I first heard about Theodora Children’s Charity on BBC Radio 4. Their professional performers visit hospitals, hospices, and specialist care centres throughout England to provide opportunities for play and laughter. The charity was founded in 1994 in memory of Theodora Poulie, and today have 25 performers that visit over 30 000 children per year.

I made a hand puppet for them based on one of their colourful characters, Dr. Yo-Ho.

Dr. Yo-Ho photo by Theodora Children's Charity

The puppet has a foam body covered in cotton jersey for the skin. The hair is made out of wool knitting yarn and the clothing is made out of various cotton fabrics and wool felt. For the bird, I sewed on individual feathers cut out of wool felt.

As additional props, I made a treasure map inspired by the one seen in Dr. Yo-Ho’s heart pocket and a shark seen on Dr. Yo-Ho’s bandana.

Have a look below at Theodora’s other creative performers!

Giggle Doctors photo by Theodora Children's Charity