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Betty Bear for Barnardo's

30/4/2017 2-minute read

My latest project is a mascot plush for Barnardo’s. Barnardo’s is a leading children’s charity, initially set up as a school by Dr. Thomas Barnardo back in 1867 to equip poor children with basic education and skills in trade. He went on to run homes for destitute children, with the philosophy “No Destitute Child Ever Refused Admission”. While Barnardo’s no longer run homes for orphans, they continue to help children and young people, including those who have been abused or have disabilities. Barnardo’s offer counselling, fostering and adoption services, vocational training, among many other vital services. In addition to providing direct services to children and families, they also do original research based on their work and lobby the government in areas of advocacy, child poverty, fostering and adoption, etc. all to improve outcomes.

Barnardo’s has two mascots: Barney bear and Betty bear. They already have a plush version of Barney bear (you can see a picture below). They have a few distinguishing features; Barney has a bow around his neck and Betty has a bow on her ear and long eyelashes. I think the Barney plush was mass produced, so when I was asked to make a version of Betty, I wanted to make a one of a kind art bear to make her extra special. Here she is!

I used 15-18mm pile faux fur for her body and cream chamois for her muzzle and paws. She is fully jointed with cotter pins and has black glass eyes and a green velvet ribbon bow. I hand embroidered the logo on her footpad.